The bathroom uses frosted glass, which may not interfere with peeping


Frosted glass, I think all friends know about it.

It can light and block privacy at the same time, it is affordable and has a long battery life (durable, mostly no after-sales service). It can be said that it is the best choice for "blocking privacy glass". in kitchens and bathrooms.

However, if you want to use it at home, you can also watch Xiaozhi and chat a few more words, and it will be more convenient to use in the future.

The bathroom uses frosted glass, which may not interfere with peeping01 You can also see frosted glass

Frosted glass does not transmit light, as its surface is "polished" and other treatments. Rough and uneven texture makes the original direct light "scattered" around.

Light cannot be "focused", so a sharp image cannot be formed naturally.

The bathroom uses frosted glass, which may not interfere with peeping

When choosing frosted glass as windows, doors and partitions for kitchens and bathrooms, there are risks of "being seen" and "poor privacy protection" in the following three situations:

The distance is too close: for example, the bathroom door is made of frosted glass, but the sink or toilet in the bathroom is located close to the door, so an awkward scene “although the figure is blurry, but the pose and movements are clearly visible” can easily appear.

The bathroom uses frosted glass, which may not interfere with peeping

△ Chanhong is to the right of the image, pointing

Water vapor makes frosting invalid: for example, frosted glass is used for bathroom windows or doors, but the frosted surface is only on the inside when hot air in the bath or accidentally splashes water directly onto the frosted glass.

When water droplets hit the frosted surface, the original uneven glass will flatten again, and light will no longer scatter, and the frosted glass will become unusable for a short time.

The bathroom uses frosted glass, which may not interfere with peeping

Anomaly detection: for example, a bathroom window, a door to a partition is next to an aisle, or someone might come over and the matte surface is facing out. The anomaly can be sprayed with water and tape (same principle as above). Leave a hole for peeping.

02 How to improve the frosted glass anti-pip effect

Friends can think about their situation, are the doors and windows too close to the neighbor's house, feel that the effect of the matte finish used before is not good enough, and do not want the bathroom to often "social moments of death" and so on .

If present, the following methods can improve the anti-peep effect of frosted glass:

First of all, the glass can be turned into insulating glass and the frosted surface placed on the side of the hollow layer of insulating glass to avoid water vapor and tape problems.

If you want to improve the anti-peeping effect, it is most effective to make both pieces of double-glazed window opaque and place them inside a hollow layer.

In addition, there are various types of frosted glass, which are divided into ordinary frosted glass, jade sand and oil sand. The difference between the two is that the texture of frosted sand is coarser, while jade sand is finer, and the fineness of oil sand is similar to that of jade sand, but it is relatively less prone to water sticking and more resistant to dirt.

Comparatively speaking, jade sand and oil sand have the best anti-peep protection effect.

When you choose privacy glass, if you choose whole glass, you can choose jade/oil sand with better anti-peeping effect, or you can choose jade or oil sand embossed glass (such as Changhong jade sand glass, this method is the most economical).

You can also choose double-layer glass (hollow glass) and use it together (such as double-sided jade sand, single-sided jade sand + wick, this method has a relatively better anti-peep effect).

△ Two-layer embossed glass

△ Partial pattern glass types