Why Dyed Acrylic Is Gradually Replacing Glass


Considering the needs of people for variety in design and safety in use, many manufacturers have replaced glass with painted acrylic. Why is dyed acrylic gradually replacing glass? What are the advantages of painted acrylic over glass? Zhongxin Huamei Dyeing Plastic Co., Ltd. will present it to you.

Glass is a material that people have been in contact with for a long time. In my opinion, many scenes that require high light transmission of materials, such as handicrafts and shop windows, are made of glass. The surface of glass products has high hardness, high density and brittleness, after impact, sharp fragments are formed, and the safety is low.

Compared to glass, painted acrylic has the following advantages:

1. The light transmission is close to glass, which can replace glass to meet the needs of the product.

2. Strong plasticity, easy processing and convenient cutting, low cost and many shapes.

3. Strong impact resistance, less fragile and more secure

4. Strong corrosion resistance and stable chemical properties.

5. Painted acrylic material can be reused, making it more environmentally friendly

Why Dyed Acrylic Is Gradually Replacing Glass

Ordinary glass can also withstand high temperatures, but it is easy to break if there is a large temperature difference. Products made of dyed acrylic can also be used normally with large temperature differences. Painted acrylic products have good insulating and sealing properties and are often used in electrical products such as luminous characters and light boxes in the advertising industry. The product emits light evenly, crystal clear and bright, does not require high brightness, and also saves energy.