There are PVC, acrylic and PCBs on the transparent board, don't be fooled.


Custom equipment is on the rise, and it's only a matter of time before the labor-substituting trend emerges. Many engineers will get into a pit when choosing transparent materials for equipment racks. Today I'll explain transparent materials.

The construction industry or the household uses a lot of glass because glass is relatively brittle and forms sharp pieces when broken. If glass is used as a protective coating in industry, the safety will be higher. accidents. Therefore, plastic is usually used instead.

Common materials include PVC, acrylic, PCB, etc. What is the difference between them? How to choose? First of all, let's understand the PVC material. PVC material usually has the characteristics of opacity and transparency, so it must be transparent when making the screen, so what are its advantages?

1. The color is rich, the appearance is relatively bright, beautiful and generous, with good heat resistance, high corrosion resistance, flame retardant and flame retardant, etc., the surface is smooth and smooth, no water absorption, no deformation, easy to process, and the price is beautiful. The thickness of the product can reach 0.8-30mm, which can make full use of non-standard equipment. Width about 1300-1500.

It's commonly used for interior trim around equipment enclosures, sinks, liquid levels, etc., but there's a problem: High temperature resistant PVC releases certain carcinogens. It is not particularly environmentally friendly for production.

Acrylic, also known as PMMA or Plexiglas, is a plastic resin material with good transparency. The light transmittance is above 92%. It can also be dyed in various colors. Acrylic has weather resistance and relatively good temperature resistance, fire retardant but not self-extinguishing, good processing performance, when used, the light transmission is the same as glass, but the density is half glass, it is not as brittle as glass, and it is easy to break. be sharp as glass.

The maximum continuous use temperature is 65-95°C, and the friction resistance is generally more compatible with aluminum materials. Compared to PVC, acrylic is more perfect and environmentally friendly. There is no need to choose PVC in non-standard mechanical shields.

PCB acrylic will be more advanced, it can be said to be high-tech, its comprehensive performance is stronger, energy-saving and environmentally friendly materials, first of all, it is more impact resistant, 200 times than ordinary glass and 8 times more than acrylic. Weather resistance guaranteed for ten years without fading outdoors. There is also fire resistance, which is not self-extinguishing.

Therefore, it is rarely used in non-standard design screens, and the price of a PC is higher.