What are the main types of special ceramics?


Special ceramics, also known as fine ceramics, add special composition inorganic materials to ceramic blanks, and then they are sintered at a high temperature of about 1360 degrees to obtain stable and reliable antistatic properties and become a new type of special ceramics. Is it a type? Next, Kezhong Ceramics will introduce it to you.

Types of special ceramics

1. Oxide ceramics: aluminum oxide, zirconia, magnesia, calcium oxide, beryllium oxide, zinc oxide, yttrium oxide, titanium oxide, thorium oxide, uranium oxide, etc.

2.Nitride ceramics: silicon nitride, aluminum nitride, boron nitride, uranium nitride, etc.

3. Carbide ceramics: silicon carbide, boron carbide, uranium carbide, etc.

What are the main types of special ceramics?

Special alumina ceramic base plate

4. Boride ceramics: zirconium boride, lanthanum boride, etc.

5. Silicide ceramics: molybdenum silicide, etc.

6. Fluoride ceramics: magnesium fluoride, calcium fluoride, lanthanum fluoride, etc.

7. Sulfide ceramics: zinc sulfide, cerium sulfide, etc. There are also arsenide ceramics, selenide ceramics, telluride ceramics, etc.

In addition to single-phase ceramics, consisting mainly of one compound, there are composite ceramics, consisting of two or more compounds.

What are the main types of special ceramics?

Special zirconia ceramic piston rod

In addition, there is a large class of cermets, obtained by adding metal to ceramics, which are also important varieties of modern ceramics.

In recent years, to increase the fragility of ceramics, metal fibers and inorganic fibers have been added to the ceramic matrix. Fiber-reinforced ceramic composites formed in this way are the youngest, but most promising branch of the ceramic family. . . .

For the convenience of production, research and teaching, people sometimes divide ceramics into high-strength ceramics, high-temperature ceramics, high-strength ceramics, ferroelectric ceramics, piezoelectric ceramics, and electrolytes according to their properties, not according to their properties. chemical composition Ceramics, semiconductor ceramics, dielectric ceramics, etc.

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