Are you still laying tiles on cement?


Are you still laying tiles on cement?

In a new home that has been renovated within one or two years, the walls of the bathroom and kitchen suddenly become empty and the tiles fall off, which will not only damage the furniture and cause repair problems, but also pose a great threat to the personal safety of the family. Many problems with tiles are largely due to the use of adhesives. At present, cement tiles are still used in most interiors. Cement as the main bonding material has long played a very important role in the past. There were also various disadvantages. Zhongqing tile adhesive, which replaces cement mortar tiles, is gradually gaining people's acceptance.

Zhongqing brand tile adhesive, also known as Yijiao mud, tile adhesive, also known as ceramic tile adhesive, is mainly used for bonding ceramic tiles, wall tiles, floor tiles and other decorative materials, and is also widely used in indoor and outdoor work. walls, floors, bathrooms, kitchens, etc. architectural decorations. Its main characteristics are high adhesive strength, water resistance, frost resistance, good aging resistance and convenient construction, making it an ideal material for bonding ceramic tiles.

2. Characteristics of Zhongqing Tile Adhesive

Zhongqing Tile Adhesive is a white or gray powder that is added to cement and dry sand with an appropriate proportion of polymer additives to improve the viscosity and structure of the product. When using, simply add water and mix thoroughly. Zhongqing brand glue has good adhesion, water resistance, frost resistance, heat resistance, as well as excellent anti-aging and water-retaining properties. At the same time, it can be moved and adjusted within a certain period of time (10-20 minutes) after sticking, which is convenient for construction and extremely convenient. They are widely used in indoor and outdoor wall tiles to replace the shortcomings of traditional cement sand materials, such as insufficient viscosity and easy gouging, thus increase the service life of tile paste, tiles with good tile adhesive paste on the wall, it is not easy to break with a hammer.

Third, the scope of application of Zhongqing tile adhesive

Applicable to anti-leakage paste of vitreous brick, cultural stone, marble, mosaic and other bricks, thermal insulation materials such as extruded board paste, old tile painting, wall repair, painting and bonding.

Fourth, Zhongqing tile adhesive investment recommendations

The cost of raw materials is 400-800 yuan per ton, and the market price fluctuates between 800-1500 yuan, the profit is very considerable.

Plot: 50 square meters or more depending on the need Electricity: industrial three-phase voltage 380V

Manpower: 2-3 people are enough Production equipment: RMB 16,800

Current capital: RMB 50,000 to RMB 100,000

A8 new automatic tile adhesive mixer, U-shaped mixing drum, internal and external double-layer belt mixing, drum mixing on both sides, no accumulation on the cylinder wall, no dead corner, fast mixing speed and high uniformity; Equipped with a spiral feeding lift, the feeding hole is flush with the ground, which is convenient for feeding. The whole machine runs smoothly, with low noise, long service life and easy installation. It is widely used in the production of Zhongqing brand tile adhesive, Zhongqing brand environmental protection construction rubber powder, dry putty powder, plaster, diatomaceous mud, tiles. adhesive, heat preservation Mixing various powder materials, such as mortar, binder mortar, plaster mortar, etc. In order to make it easier for the user to pack the finished product, the dry powder mixer has added an electric discharge device and a computer-based dosing device based on manual discharge. Discharge speed high, the measurement accuracy is high, and it can be operated by 1-2 people Packing problem, saving man hours, the capacity of 1000 models, 2000 models, 3000 models and other various models, the output capacity is 16-60 tons of various models per day, and the annual the production volume varies from 5000t to 30000t. Greatly improved, economical and practical. In addition, there are stainless steel materials that can be used in the production of various dry powder food raw materials.

5. Zhongqing Tile Adhesive Technical Support

Xinyang Shenghua Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. will provide a series of advice and services on products such as tile adhesive, dry powder mortar, latex paint, waterproof paint, texture paint, art paint, etc., from product formula teaching, raw material ordering, production process, construction technology, etc. E. With a business license, the company's customers can study the technical formula of Zhongqing brand tile adhesive for free. If a person comes to our company for training, the training fee for each product is 3,000 yuan manual. By purchasing the equipment of our company, you can get free training on the current technical formulas of Zhongqing brand tile adhesives.

6. Zhongqing Tile Adhesive Trademark Authorization Service:

Xinyang Shenghua Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. provides trademark authorization services for Zhongqing brand tile adhesive. Each prefecture and city permits the use of the trademark with an annual use fee of 3,000 yuan, and provides test reports for Zhongqing brand tile adhesive. , and Provide 400 phone numbers, and the company will provide a single hotline!

Seven, matching support

For details about purchasing collagen materials for ceramic tiles nearby, production and sales services for products, etc., you can consult Xinyang Shenghua Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., and experts will consult and respond.