Which equipment materials are most concerned about ceramic factory owners? Highlights of these 42 exhibitors must be understood


2021 Tanzhou Ceramics Exhibition was officially held in Foshan on July 20, which intensively showcased the latest technology/equipment for ceramic machinery and raw materials. On the first day of the exhibition, many leaders of domestic ceramic enterprises came to the equipment exhibition hall to “look”. (Tao Chengjun was running too slow and could only take a picture of his back. Guess who it is?)

What do the leaders of ceramic companies pay attention to? What are the highlights of hardware participating companies? Next, Mr. Tao Cheng will bring you news from the exhibition hall! (Companies are listed in no particular order.) There are still 4 days left before the show. We invite you to visit the show in person, and maybe you can also meet some big names in the industry.

Which equipment materials are most concerned about ceramic factory owners? Highlights of these 42 exhibitors must be understood

Hall 6

Decor, glaze line and minerals

Dow Technologies

Dow also displayed its newly developed glazes, dry granules and ink products such as gold sand dry granules, ice crystal dry granules, gold dry granules, digital glazes, soft glazes and colored dry granules. In addition, Dow also set up a special VIP viewing area to introduce products such as megaliths, gilded stones and gold foil particles to the public, which will be fully promoted.

Which equipment materials are most concerned about ceramic factory owners? Highlights of these 42 exhibitors must be understood
Which equipment materials are most concerned about ceramic factory owners? Highlights of these 42 exhibitors must be understood

New Jingtai

For large slab glazing, Xinjingtai exhibited two advanced technologies at this Tangzhou exhibition: the most advanced reciprocating glazing cabinet and three-machine connection digital inkjet machine.

In addition, Xin Jingtai also brought dry grain distribution machines, roller printing machines, glazing robotic workstations, light linear glazing, wide belt conveyor platforms and other products.

Which equipment materials are most concerned about ceramic factory owners? Highlights of these 42 exhibitors must be understood
Which equipment materials are most concerned about ceramic factory owners? Highlights of these 42 exhibitors must be understood

Kehai Glaze

Designed to produce all types of glazes, Kehai now has a relatively complete glaze system that can be applied to large slabs/stone slabs, polished glazes, tiles and antique pottery. During the exhibition, Kehai focused on the application of digital dry granules, digital glaze, large plate roller series, digital mold series and other processes or technologies.

Which equipment materials are most concerned about ceramic factory owners? Highlights of these 42 exhibitors must be understood

Hope digital

Hope Digital has made a splash with the introduction of the world's leading digital inkjet printing equipment for ceramics: the TW2300mm ultra-wide digital glaze slate line. It is reported that this product can adapt to adobe bricks with a maximum width of 2300mm. The color registration accuracy of the entire line is high, and it can be extended to a maximum of 24 channels. It can upload 100 square meters of print templates online. at the same time, and can achieve high ink volume, high grayscale and delicate printing effects.


As a pioneer in the field of wrapping ink, Yangtze introduced the digital frosting and the first series of wrapping ink in the exhibition area in detail and comprehensively.


In the exhibition area, Angtai mainly promoted digital shapes and black gold flowers on large boards. It is understood that Angtai digital relief engraving has three core technologies: wide shooting range, large grayscale, and more three-dimensional. Large tiled black gold flower is especially suitable for manufacturers producing dark-colored tiles.

Baoyou Glaze

A variety of handicraft products such as digital dry granule, green body dry granule, frosted dry granule, lollipop dry granule, soft dry granule glaze and star diamond dry granule were on display at the exhibition.

Bohui Electromechanical Plant

Bohui Electromechanical focused on demonstrating several advantageous technologies for designing Shengong rapid grinding systems, designing complete dry grinding lines and digital cloth system. According to reports, compared with the traditional ball mill system, Shengong's rapid grinding system can save more than 25% overall, and the whiteness is slightly improved. Compared with the traditional wet grinding process, Bohui's dry grinding process has outstanding advantages in terms of high quality finished products, comprehensive energy-saving effect and labor cost.

Yongtao Electromechanical

Yongtao electromechanical intelligent five-axis water jet, stone plate series 45° precision chamfering machine, intelligent stone slab cutting machine, Yongtao pool hole machine and many other products appeared one after another at the Tangzhou exhibition, providing the stone industry with board. solutions for deep processing equipment.


This time, Meijia introduced the Dayanban inkjet printer, which can be used for fine and coarse ink printing, high-speed mode or large ink printing. In addition, there are TB series auto-cleaning screen printing machines, DG series roller machines, and Y series rotary type glaze spraying machines.

Ben Lang

Benlang brought a number of toolsfor glaze polishing, polishing, edging and cutting, including diamond saw blades for stone slabs.

Chonglan Machinery

Focusing on large slab/stone slab high pressure spray equipment, Chonglang Machinery introduced various related products such as six-head reciprocating glazing cabinet.

New Hongchao

By providing a one-stop solution for precise control of the ball mill workshop of ceramic enterprises, Xinhongchao showed various lignin ceramic additives, disintegrants and water reducing agents.


Nitida showcased the latest in Italian product trends and design solutions at this Tangzhou ceramics exhibition.


Digital glaze, digital mold and building materials ink are mainly displayed. Wu Yuxin, marketing general manager of Maruisi, said: “Products such as (our) digital molds have been applied in various ways by different customers, and the results are good, and it can also reduce the cost of the production process for customers. "

Hall 7

Formation and launch

Lithuanian brand

At this Tangzhou ceramics exhibition, Litai brand introduces "Litai 4.0+ Energy Efficiency Benchmarking Project of Entire Ceramics and Slab Plant", including a complete set of automatic raw material preparation system, ultra-large intelligent ceramic slab press with tape fabric technology, YP90. Automatic hydraulic press series, "4.0 Energy Efficiency Benchmark Digital Intelligence Era" oven combination and so on.

Among them, Henglitai's marketing director Kuan Guojun told Tao Chengjun that in order to meet the domestic demand for high-quality or high-performance presses, Henglitai has upgraded YP series automatic hydraulic presses to optimize press performance and meet the needs of ceramics. Enterprises have operational requirements for large production capacity , low loss, high output and energy saving.

Delitai's "Carbon Neutral Double Deck Rock and Plate Stove" not only has significant advantages in solving technical problems, but also has good results in reducing carbon emissions. The overall energy savings can exceed 15%. Help ceramic businesses achieve carbon peaks and carbon neutral goals.

In addition, "Litai Whole Line 4.0+ Intelligent Central Control System" has improved the central control system of the auxiliary glaze line based on the original system, and realized the intelligent control of the whole line, combined with powder grinding. and molding equipment. Also, three-layer ceramic foam tunnel kiln was introduced one after another.Koy, the entire line of bathroom equipment and the line of automatic porcelain molding for everyday use.

King Kong

King Kong's new products, carrier rollers, JG-CA series nanoscale bleach and JG-FC series special composite clay for slabs, and a variety of alumina balls, which can be used for continuous ball grinding, ceramic blanks and glaze grinding and other products appeared at the Tanzhou exhibition.

Lyle Technology

Lile Technology brought the Dabanjia intelligent blank storage system, industrial digital glaze line 4.0 and other equipment to the Tangzhou exhibition. It is understood that after three years of research, development and application, the large-scale intelligent workpiece storage system launched by Lile Technology uses automated intelligent equipment to eliminate defects in the production process and reduce labor costs.

China Ceramics Kanglitai (Botao ink)

This year, Sinocera Kang Litai (Botao Ink) introduced its brand new "Electrostatic Digital Glaze" which can make the surface of the glaze smoother by attracting positive and negative ion charges and avoid large slabs/stone slabs under normal conditions" Fish scales" due to uneven application of glaze. In addition, Sinocera Kanglitai (Botao ink) also demonstrated grain dry polishing, grain dry polishing crystallization, metallic glaze, digital molding, electrostatic nano antibacterial technology and other technologies, which can be used for bright and soft stone slabs, soft bricks, antique brick. production and other ceramic products.

Longyang dry granules

In addition to displaying the market's most widely used dry slate/slate granules, Longyang Dry Granules also focused on high-definition silk glaze (velvet), star crystal/starry sky dry granules and antique materials during the exhibition. dry granules, special glazes and other product categories. Among them, Longyang high-definition dry grain (velvet) silk glaze can restore the texture of real stone, with warm touch and moderate gloss, has the characteristics of anti-fouling, wear-resistant, anti-acid and alkali.

Xingnuo Machinery

As an enterprise specialized in deferrization equipment in the ceramic industry, Xingnuo Machinery has introduced a variety of automatic deferrization machines. Among them, a series of high-efficiency, environmentally friendly and intelligent XN-LPM board magnetic separation and bleaching machine has obtained patents. According to reports, this product can be widely used to remove non-metallic minerals, and it is specially designed to remove iron from high concentration (63%-68%) slurry at aceramic plants and improve the whiteness of the sludge.

Sheng Mingtian

Mostly, box-type transmission parts and other products were demonstrated. It is reported that Shengmingtian box design is a new fully sealed transmission with maintenance-free, anti-axial mobility, clean appearance, easy maintenance and durability, which can effectively solve the problems of oil leakage, large dust, dirty, dirty and poor quality.


Under the theme of "Helping Ceramic Tile and Stone Slab Production with Intelligent and Efficient Methods," Sepfit demonstrated a digital textile printing system, a 36,000 t large-size slab production system, and a large-size bricks intelligent storage system. system The performance of various products, such as granular material distribution machine and dry paint continuous mixing system, provides solutions for the application of whole-body stone slabs, digital intelligent brick storage, environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency.

Thousand pottery

Qiantao mainly showcased products such as large dry grain polishing slabs/stone slabs, soft light dry granule slabs, upgraded dry granule slabs, etc. In addition, the Morandi series of stone slabs launched by the company also attracted a large Attention.

Starlight transmission

At this exhibition, Xingguang Transmission showcased professional transmission solutions for the ceramic industry, including integrated servo and control solutions, raw material mixing transmission solutions, glaze line system transmission solutions, ceramic deep processing transmission solutions, for driving solid ceramic wire, etc.

Yangao Smart Technology

Yangao ceramic electrostatic digital glaze spraying machine, the amount of sprayed glaze can be adjusted at any time, electrostatic adsorption ensures that the sprayed glaze is not re-coated, and the glaze remains stable and even on the surface of the brick. with traditional digital glaze, it can greatly reduce the investment and practical cost.

Hall 8

Equipment for processing and testing slabs

Electromechanical Yonda

The Yongda booth displayed cutting, edging, engraving, deep processing centers and other processing equipment. The person in charge at the scene told Tao Chengjun that last year, water knife and bridge cutting were the main products, but this year the market has more stringent requirements for deep processing, so Yongda has released a variety of edges, special-shaped edges, and connecting lines.

It is reported that Yongda recently launched a crochet molding and polishing machine into the market.horse belly brush, which solves the problem of the low processing efficiency of the outer beveled edge and the inner beveled lower belly of the stone plate horse on the market, and realizes automatic processing. grinding and beveling the edge of the horse's belly. And without secondary processing.

Ai Tao

This year, Aitao launched a series of stone slab deep processing equipment, focusing on display. A 3200-type stone slab top and bottom slab cutting machine was purchased. According to reports, this equipment is an upgraded version of the bridge stone slab cutting machine. Its dual-knife head design allows straight edges to be cut without breaking, while the unique top and bottom knife design allows for cutting without breaking.

In addition, Aitao has also dedicated a fully automatic paving slab cutting, edging and packing line. This equipment has the characteristics of multi-processor intelligent connection, high degree of automation, covering a variety of product specifications and large productivity. At present, Fujian Many floor paving manufacturers in other industrial areas use it.

Hua Shili

The website manager Huashili said that this exhibition will focus on 3616 cutting machines and 45-degree chamfering machines, and will also display several sets of stone slab deep processing equipment. According to reports, Huashili deep cutting equipment is mainly favored by customers due to its low cost, high speed and high efficiency, and its dry cutting machines have a relatively large market share.

Water jet access

This year, Raichi Technology is mainly promoting its latest product, five-axis AC waterjet cutting. According to the staff, the cutting angle of its five-axis AC machine can reach plus or minus 75 degrees, and most cutting angles in the industry are plus or minus 60 degrees, and the angle selection range is wider. In addition, the material of the equipment is made of stainless steel, and there is a waterproof effect, which can effectively protect the cutting head from water, and the service life will be longer.


This year, Kete Machinery mainly introduces deep processing equipment, such as integrated 5-axis bridge cutting machine and intelligent edge banding machine, and specially launched stone slab deep processing fully automatic intelligent continuous production line, which can intelligently connect several types of equipment. with a variety of processes and reduce labor costs., can operate the line by one person. Its output is also very impressive, for the specification of 900×1800 (mm), it can reach 500~600 cubic meters per day.

Hall 9

Entire line and consumables


This year's Tanzhou Expo, KEDA took half the seat in Hall 9. Under the theme "Flexible Interconnection, Efficient Intelligence", the company introduced the most advanced new equipment and technology in the industry. Regarding stone slabs, KEDA showed smart stone slab presses, 5G smart stone slab double-layer kilns, large slab/stone slab processing equipment and other equipment to bring mature stone slabs from presses to deep processing into industry. Intelligent solution for the whole line.

It also specifically opened the "intelligent zone of the whole line behind the oven", integrating the latest products of the three business units of deep processing, packaging equipment and intelligent storage, to create an intelligent whole line behind the oven. which does not touch gender and organically connects all processes.

In addition, there are new generation ball mills and spray drying towers, which allow the raw material shop to further reduce production costs and increase efficiency; digital production management systems that increase the efficiency and quality of production management; - Energy consumption, high yield products The latest equipment, such as the fourth generation of ceramic foam roller furnace, a complete line.


This year, Nimble Machinery mainly introduced equipment such as high-efficiency double-roll crushers, direct-feed continuous ball mills, and complete process systems. According to reports, compared with traditional ball mills, its high-efficiency double-roller crusher greatly improves energy efficiency and reduces the cost of powder production for ceramic enterprises.


Basell mainly provides intelligent edge banding machines, polishing consumables (formerly called edging consumables), etc. According to reports, its intelligent edge banding machine can be operated by one or two people in the workshop, greatly reducing labor intensity.

It is reported that Basel Electromechanical specializes in the production of ceramic tile polishing machines, edge banding machines, auxiliary equipment for dust removal, wastewater treatment and other equipment, as well as consumables such as diamond and resin wheels, including ceramic tile edging, polishing, contracting services for glaze polishing production technology. To provide customers with the most professional comprehensive solution for energy saving and consumption reduction in deep processing.


Peng Fang, chairman of Guote Technology, previously told Tao Chengjun that Guote will be exhibiting three of its major products at this show.products, including light dryers, microwave dryers and high power blowers.

It is understood that its fast light wave dryer can provide "black gold flower glaze that can be quickly dried and cured in just over 90 seconds, and the rate of excellent products is over 96%". The powerful water blower "solves" the polishing process with "one machine", such as incomplete water blowing by traditional fans and large consumption of auxiliary materials.

Hall 10

Italy Spain new equipment new technologies new design


The 12-channel wide format inkjet printer is specially designed for printing on stone slabs. It is equipped with the latest nozzles and the latest software, and can reach a maximum width of 1.8m. The color matches natural stone more closely.

In addition, a statue of Franco Stefan, the father of stone slabs, was placed in front of the System booth. Ye Delin, Liang Tongkang, Bian Cheng, He Gang and other famous people came to the stage to register. Friends who make stone slabs, don't forget to come and see, don't forget the well digger when you draw.

City Berndt

The exhibition area displayed stone slab products produced by its presses and other equipment, including 3D full body fabric, full body fabric, double layer fabric, micropowder brick, coarse brick, 3D fish mouth white . , etc.

It is understood that Siti's latest 4800-ton press can reach a maximum size of 1600 × 4800 (mm), and the production thickness range is 3-30mm, which can realize the full-body marble imitation effect; and the large size inkjet machine is designed to match the large format press, it has a modular design, which is flexible in use and saves costs in terms of glaze consumption and jobs.


Karobiya focused on demonstrating dry grain digital effect products and digital mold. Among them is the ultra-flat soft glaze, which is currently popular among buyers, allowing you to achieve a soft effect without polishing. According to the introduction, in terms of technology, Karobbia realized the kiln change glaze under the conditions of quartz bricks to achieve the kiln change effect, which enriched the decorative effect of the ceramic industry.


Meicke focused on penetrating inks that can be applied to stone slabs, offering a new solution for the entire mass of stone slabs. According to reports, Meco penetrating ink has obvious advantages in terms of product quality, color detail, anti-fouling and scratch protection.


According to Deng Ran, sales manager of LB company, this year LB will mainly show particulate matter and blue-white stone slab products made by fabric machinery. It is understood that the technology and equipment for LB fabrics have been introduced in China, and Zhongyan is currently using them.

LB fabric equipment can be adapted to produce large slabs with equipment such as Sacmi or System and can produce a true whole body effect, and its different fabric systems can produce various effects such as cement, whole body, and lines , particles.


Introduced a new series of intelligent thermal equipment INFINITY attracted the attention of many exhibitors, who settled on the INFINITY double-deck slab furnaces. It is understood that the double-layer plate oven is equipped with the latest fuel ratio control system, which can be more efficient and energy-saving due to the large capacity per unit area. According to reports, at present, Mona Lisa, Dongpeng, Gold Medal, General, and many foreign ceramic manufacturers are using Modena's double-deck kiln.

Blue Power

According to the person in charge of Blue Power, this exhibition mainly showcases the line of high-precision intelligent information glaze for ultra-thin stone slabs and the new dry granule distribution machine. According to the introduction, Blue Power's latest line of ultra-thin stone slabs of high-precision intelligent information glaze "is improved in detail compared to previous products, more in line with production reality, greatly improved accuracy, and reduced enterprise loss." At present, Blue Power Equipment is used in many ultra-thin stone slab industries.

The new dry grain dispenser is an innovative product of Blue Power, which can flexibly adjust the amount of dry grain used according to the product, which can effectively reduce costs and improve quality for customers, and is more suitable for ultra-thin and large-sized products.

Chong Peng

According to the relevant person in charge of Zhongpeng, this year's Tanzhou exhibition, Zhongpeng continues to focus on stone slabs, focusing on the demonstration of its double-layer roller kiln, focusing on intelligent energy-saving connections, reduce energy consumption while stabilizing production and customer service Build an environmentally friendly factory. She said that the new generation of double deck ovens took into account customer feedback regarding refractory materials and transmission accuracy and went further in detail to achieve more stable production.