Three ways of injection molding


Injection molding is a common production and processing technique. Materials used include plastics, ceramics and metals. We mainly offer plastic injection molding today. Yiwei Precision is a leader in precision plastic injection parts custom processing for more than 30 years. We can fulfill the specific requirements of injection mold parts from various industries. Let's now discuss the three types of injection molding.

1. Rubber injection molding: This is where rubber is injected directly into a mold using a barrel. Rubber injection molding has many advantages. It is an intermittent operation with a short molding cycle, high production efficiency, canceled blank preparation, low labor intensity, excellent product quality, and low cost of production.

2. Plastic Injection Molding is a technique for molding plastic products. It uses the pressure of molten rubber to insinuate it into a mold and then cools the parts. There are special mechanical injection molding machines. Polystyrene, and similar plastics, are common.

3. Injection molding: The mold after molding is typically a finished product. No additional processing is necessary before installation or use. Injection molding can produce many parts, such as ribs, ridges, and threads in one step.