Little knowledge about ceramic brake pads


Brake pads are vulnerable car consumables, so there are more and more types of brake pads on the market. Now let's see what ceramic brake pads are.

Brake pad brake material is actually a composite material that, after polymerization, consists of various minerals and mineral fibers. Different models and regions have different requirements for brake materials. The coefficient of friction is the main parameter of the brake material that determines the braking performance of brake pads, it is strictly required that the manufacturer indicate the coefficient of friction of the brake pads on the outer packaging of the product. If the coefficient of friction is too high, there will be a strong shock and vibration will be generated when braking. If the coefficient of friction is too low, the braking distance will be too long, resulting in traffic accidents. Therefore, fluctuations in the coefficient of friction must be strictly controlled.

Because the sliding friction mode of ceramic modified brake pads has changed the traditional shear friction mode. Sliding friction will not scratch the brake disc and a continuous thin layer of carbon film will form during use. The surface of the disc is smooth as a mirror, without friction grooves, it is smoother and increases the friction surface, making the friction force more stable and the braking performance higher.

Because brake pad wear is largely dependent on road conditions and driving style. There is a big difference in wear between mountainous and flat areas, and brake wear also differs between drivers with little driving experience and experienced drivers. Youliang brand ceramic modified brake pads can have a service life of 60,000 to 90,000 kilometers in flat areas, and the service life of brake discs can be extended by 1.5-2 times.

In the comfort index, the noise of the brake pads is the most disturbing. Noise occurs when braking. Ceramic modified brake pads have completely solved the problem of noise in terms of production process and material formula. Youliang brand ceramic brake pads can brake completely without noise.

In general, ceramic brake pads offer the following advantages:

Ceramic brake pads have a stable coefficient of friction and low vibration, and the wheels do not lock when braking, which prolongs the life of the tires.

Ceramic brake pads make the friction surface of the double disc (hub) smooth and smooth, with large contact area and strong braking force.

Ceramic brake pads have high porosity, high braking force, light feel, elasticity and are not afraid of water.

The surface of ceramic brake pads is brittle and wear-resistant, resulting in ceramic products.

This wayOhm, when choosing brake pads, car owners can choose according to their needs. If the brake system is in order, they can be calm behind the wheel!