Properties and Applications of Polymer Composite Materials


Polymer composite material refers to a material with good performance, which is composed of polymers and other materials with different composition, shape and properties. The biggest advantages are high strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, light weight and thermal insulation. , insulating and other properties.

Resin composite repair is a relatively mature rapid repair method in China. Both the repair effect and maintenance cost are much better than traditional repair methods such as hardfacing and brush coating. The repair time is fast, the process is simple, and the cost is low.

Excellent properties of polymer composites

1 Superior Adhesion: The penetration of the polymer creates a force between molecules, causing it to form a strong bond with the parts to be replaced.

2 Chemical corrosion resistance: eliminates corrosion of most organic acids, inorganic acids and mixed acids at high temperatures.

3 Material safety: 100% solid material, non-volatile, non-toxic and harmless, can be in direct contact with the skin.

Application of polymer composite materials


Problems related to abrasion of transmission parts such as bearing chambers, bearing housings and bearing pedestals can be repaired in situ: it is also used to repair damage to rollers of various equipment, storage tanks and pipelines.


Used for recycled water, sewage, weak acids and alkalis, etc. It can also be used to solve internal corrosion problems in relatively aggressive environments such as various materials or some organic solvents (often used in bends and welded pipe seams). It can also be used to quickly repair pits, cracks, holes, and welding defects on metal or fiberglass substrates, as well as to solve corrosion and seepage protection problems with little vibration and little deformation. . It also plays the role of anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion and anti-seepage agent for various bolts in severe corrosive environments such as sulphurous chimneys, strong salt spray, strong acid fog, etc.